Diritto commerciale internazionale
Diritto Commerciale Internazionale
Thanks to multi-disciplinary experience, the company can offer consultations in all aspects of international business law from establishment of a new activity to satisfaction of the various needs of a company. The company offers a wide and comprehensive service allowing its client the resolution of problems related to the growth and development of the company in the reference countries.

Combining the high training level of professionals and a comprehensive, efficient and individual approach to a customer, the company provides excellent consultations on assessment of tax issues and financial planed or concluded transactions.

The presence of strong collaboration with renowned consultants, industry authority and innovative methodology allow to resolve even the most complex problems with the identification of innovative and effective solutions.

The skills and experience of the team allow to offer high quality assistance in a very wide range of aspects of the international business law: corporate transactions and shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, the situations of insolvency, corporate divestitures, etc. The technical and language skills of the professionals and the individual approach to the problem solving allow the rapid and efficient conclusion of transactions and success.

The company offers a large number of business contacts and a network of strong partnerships with some of the best Italian and foreign law companies that accompany clients through the individual steps of the desired operations, providing them with assistance and continuous update aiming to obtaining the concrete results.