Servizio di progettazione
Design study and construction company
International Consulting is founded due to collaboration of architects, engineers, constructors, lawyers and notaries.

Our office and company has always operated with perseverance and professionalism in the field of design, construction management, construction engineering, architecture and city planning. Lawyers and notaries following the legal part of our projects and constructions coordinate all procedures.
New members have joined the associate founders during the past years. More than seventy professionals including architects, engineers, lawyers and surveyors collaborate actively with the office today.
The philosophy of the office and the company is based on the consideration that the quality of life is influenced by surroundings at work, home and public places.
The architecture fulfills the basic need seeking both material and spiritual satisfaction of individuals.

We believe that the best architecture cannot be separated from physical environment, culture and climate.
Similarly, it is derived from all elements of a building: structure, services, technology systems, their ecology, quality of natural light, the symbolism of the form and its relationship with the context.
We give special importance to the realization and the quality of the design. Step by step we follow the work through constant direction.

The quality of external architecture and interior tends to create high-performance buildings characterized by a continuous research in collaboration with the leading suppliers in the field of construction of new technological systems and application of innovative materials (We were the first in Italy to use concrete RCK 900).
The attitude towards environment and energy consumption has greatly changed during the past years. Many of our sites completed and those in the planning stage are sensitive to environmental issues and they explain precisely how to use renewable energy and energy consumption. We pursue these objectives using appropriate construction techniques and studying formal solutions and plants inspired by reducing energy consumption and maximum performance.

In order to achieve these goals, we use a flexible organizational model that creates a multidisciplinary team of designers depending on the characteristics of the work.
The project manager and the head of the project are the persons responsible for the team and the project at all stages of its realization and they are the reference for the commission.
The aim is to ensure immediate, effective and perfectly adequate to the needs of our clients and the community answers, realizing the works in harmony with the context and the environment in case of completion of the project, complex construction and interior furnishing.